Sunday, 25 June 2017

My 19 Day Iranian Azerbaijan circuit - From the Caspian rives to Tabriz and Takht-e Soleiman - Day 11 (morning) - The Bâghchech Djuk Palace Museum- exterior - The 19th of May 2017

We left fairly early so as to visit the Bâghchech Djuk Palace Museum, also known as "Sardar House" which was built during the lastest Qajar period (nineteenth century) by the local "Sardar"(master of the city) but were unfortunately unable to see its interior, which from pictures we had been shown must be breathtaking. 

It was being restored, but thanks to its guardian we managed to stroll around its gardens and take some photographs of its exterior, which being architecturally speaking of western influence was nevertheless impressive.

We soon headed towards the Armenian Monastery of St. Thadeus as we drove across an area  which is close to both Turkish, Armenian and Azerbaijani territories.

(To be continued)

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