Friday, 30 June 2017

My 19 Day Iranian Azerbaijan circuit From the Caspian rives to Tabriz and Takht-e Soleyman - Day 15 (morning cont.) - Marâgheh - Funerary Towers - Gonbad-e Sorkh, Gonbad-e Kabud Gonbad-e Gaffariye; Gaffariyeh park - The 23rd of May 2017

We spent the rest of the morning strolling around Marâgheh admiring several Tomb towers, believed to be among the first to have blue-tiled inlaid decorations. Gonbad-e Sorkh had a rather interesting  shape because of being topped by an octagon. We gained access to its interior with an upper window hole which let the natural light in. The 1197 Gonbad-e Kabud was only seen from a distance once the whole surrounding area was undergoing works, therefore hindering the access.

Eleonore with a local Iranian lady.

The last one we admired was the 1328 Gonbad-e Ghaffariyeh, thought to be the tomb of Shams al-Din Karasunkur, located in the Gaffariyeh park. We had lunch at a restaurant overlooking that particular garden and the statue of Anahita, an Iranian Goddess with an enormous significance in the Zoroastrian religion, as a representative of the waters. 

I must confess that despite having seen many temples with similar features I still find the interlaced geometric designs created in brick absolutely mesmerising.

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