Tuesday, 4 April 2017

The latest films I have watched ...

The sole reason behind having recently watched two French films was the timetable they were being exhibited at, and though we are most commonly used to American and English films I must confess I don't dislike the French produced ones or even some of the foreign independent ones, whenever I have the possibility to watch them.

Mal de pierres, (whose translation in both Portuguese and English has apparently nothing to do with its original title) made me ponder on a few aspects I identified myself in and which I wouldn't have given it a thought, had I not seen it, namely the fact that being "stubbornly" rebellious and living too much in one's mind sometimes leeds to disappointements and reinforces fantasies which are not grounded except in one's head. I could almost see myself as a young teenager and adult in the main character (including the fact that I also suffer from kidney stone problems) and some of her reactions.

I can't overlook the fact that despite not being a film I would consider watching more than once (maybe because of some of the previous considerations) it did bring out the best of the three main performing actors, whose interpretation was outstandingly convincing.   

Medecin de campagne was a rather interesting film which portrays the reality of the village doctors in France (which is slightly different from the one in my home country, once it is now an "extinguished" category in regards to what is presented in the film) and every little situation therewith associated, despite touching a few equally interesting issues, which had me ponder on as well - how to handle an unexpected disease that ultimately requires to either reduce one's committment level in terms of routine and/or be effectively substituted, the feelings one has of being the best for the job at hand and the judgements one almost instinctively makes of others (the potential substitutes).

The actors were once more second to none in their performances, which leads me to almost inevitably have to openly celebrate the French Cinema industry.

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