Saturday, 29 April 2017

Dubrovnik, Croatia - Strolling around the city centre (evening) - Up and down the Stradun - The 22nd of April 2017


I went across the Pile Gate once more so as to take a photo of the huge painted egg I had seen in front of the Tourist office but soon made my way back to where I had just come from. In a lot of ways the narrow side streets looked very much like some in the old city quarters back home and the atmosphere didn't seem much different. 

I stopped at a few shops and bought a few postcards and handicraft soap bars. I ended up making my way up near the walls just behind the old port to soon walk down again, when the Stradun finally started getting empty and the side street restaurants filled with people

I can't deny the fact that I did have a fairly interesting afternoon and early evening, despite the tight schedule.

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