Monday, 17 April 2017

The latest film I have watched ...

Based on the acclaimed book  My day in court with a Holocaust denier Denial takes us through the rather complex legal battle for historical truth, in which the burden of proof, according to the English legal system is, in this particular libel case, on the accused.

The film unfolds in an intimate-like type of setting revolving mostly around the court sessions and the court case, which at times is nerve wracking. What is surprising though is that never thoughout the film did I feel the case was being enacted, so real were the characters and their brilliant perfomances. 

"It's strangely refreshing to watch a courtroom drama where theatricality doesn't trump meticulous examination and cross examination." - James Berardinelli

"The excellent cast delivers the dramatic goods and a sequence involving a journey to Auschwitz provides a chilling reminder as to just what the legal arguments are really about." - David Stratton


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