Friday, 28 April 2017

Dubrovnik, Croatia ... first impressions and first photos - The 22nd of April 2017

I reached Dubrovnik airport after having had a stop over at Vienna airport and despite feeling tired I headed to the Old city centre soon after, in order not to loose any of the available precious time. Prior to leaving the luggage at the hotel I had booked  and as I got off the airport bus at the Pile Gate I started taking photos ... it was almost imperative, like an unexplainable inner call ... 

Details ... always seem to get my attention and the fountain right in front of the bus stop had such an effect on me ..., the fact that it is outside the walled city reminded me of something I had read that stated at one time Jews were not allowed to drink water from the fountains inside the walled city.

Saint Blaise being the patron Saint of the city could be seen almost anywhere as I would soon found out. Whithin just a few metres I came across two of his sculpted representations.

The moment I walked into the Stradun, Dubrovnik's main streeet I was drawn to the huge and rather interesting Big Onofrio's fountain, which bears the name of his constructor, the Italian Onofrio dell Cava, whose main objective in 1438 was to bring spring water from 12 kilometres away to the city's inhabitants.
To the side the bell tower and the amazingly beautiful portal of the Franciscan Church and Monastery and a few metres ahead the Kuniceva side street where Andio Bed and Breakfast  stood.

I was impressed with my hotel accommodation not only because of the decoration, which I felt was very sober and unique despite being angel oriented but also because I felt that it had a rather unique "personality".

I almost hesitated going out again because I had clearly made a mistake in selecting such lighter clothes when leaving Portugal and had realised I'd either buy some sort of coat or I'd be permanently cold. Enthusiasm led me to Stradun soon after once I acknowledged my tight schedule (if I was going to see what I had in mind) wouldn't allow me any hesitations. 

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