Sunday, 29 November 2015

On the way to my Myanmar discovery circuit - Stop-overs at Paris, and Ho Chi Minh airports; first impressions of Rangoon - The 10th, 11th and 12th of November 20015

I left work on the 10th in a state of half tiredness to get on a flight that would take me to Paris where I would be flying from the next day. The flight reached Orly International airport  fairly late in the evening, so I decided to stay the night at Ibis before venturing to Charles de Gaulle airport the following morning as I'd have to get my visa and the necessary documentation to fly with Vietnam Airlines to Rangoon via Ho Chi Min.

I had expected to be able to rest on the long flight to Rangoon but was entirely wrong as apart from a few relaxing moments I ended up being awaken all night through. I was lucky enough to have met five of the nine travelling companions before boarding the flight, which made the waiting at the stop-over airport in Vietnam less boring.

Photos taken aboard with the mobile phone

I was particularly impressed by the female guide waiting for us at the Rangoon International airport wearing a long traditional longyi, who soon let us know that soon after having been booked at the hotel we would be accommodated at for the night we would had our first visit. The few nationals we came across, from the custom officers to the hotel doormen and receptionists seemed very nice and helpful and the first glimpse of the city with its dwellers in traditional clothing was quite pleasant to look at. 

I should have been feeling really tired but for all I remember my senses were all of a sudden unexpectedly awoken and I was more than ready for the first approach regarding the discovery of the city.

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