Monday, 2 November 2015

Getting together after eighteen years ...

In 1997 I got quite close to one of my Macanese female students, whom I actually owe part of my Mandarin writing training to, as we did write to each other in that Language over a period of years.
Distance kept us apart and despite the fact that whenever students from Macao came over to the Training Centre I used to get information on her and what she was doing then, we never had the chance of seeing each other again until this morning when she walked into the centre as part of  a comittee of Chinese Directors on a training visit.

I had known about it for a while and therefore decided to wear a Chinese gown she and her fellow colleagues had offered me then, so as to honour her presence and "revive" a sequence of moments that lasted about one month and which were so important for us at the time.
It was an emotional getting together, as we reunited and decided to see a lot more of each other whilst we are geographically closer.  


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