Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Getting together (again) ...

Following my getting together with a Macanese student I hadn't seen for a while I was unexpectedly surprised with the visit of two former Angolan students I hadn't also been with for several years ... (seven, to be precise).

I don't suppose I'll ever be prepared for these encounters which inevitably bring about memories ... of extraordinary periods of our lives in which we seemed to have time enough to teach-learn and get engaged in other activities that went well beyond the training ones.

I suppose the spirit of the teachers of that epoch was slightly different from today's ... students were to be "taken care of" throughout the whole process, especially if they were from other countries, so as to allow them to better adapt to our own reality and training rhythm ... I believe teachers who have not taught abroad will possibly not understand what I am talking about ... but I know and they (both of them Heads of the Pedagogical area at the capital city international airport in Angola) know how important it is to establish bonds that go beyond the classroom and the training schedule.


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