Wednesday, 4 November 2015

On the latest documentary film I have watched ...

I was really looking forward to watching the documentary film - Das Grosse Museum (the Great Museum) on one of the most important Museums of the world - the Kunst Historisches Museum in Viena, Austria not only because I visited it some years ago but particularly because I had watched the National Gallery some days before and was interested in finding out what sort of approach  Johannes Holzhausen would have in regards to it.
It turned out to be a different one from  Wiseman's despite the fact that both have incorporated a behind-the-scene type of approach.

I was once more impressed with having "witnessed" the meticulous care and the amount of valuable time dedicated to the restoration of Art pieces as well as the maintenance and alteration works of the Gallery itself, which is something we, as visitors very often don't think about.

" I guess for me a Museum is like Noah's ark, a place where things are preserved and carried across the ocean of time into the present (...) one of the ideas behind this film: to show objects never exist in isolation but always in the context of someone's work."


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