Thursday, 5 November 2015

Macao revisited ...

As I was looking for some old photo albums, which I haven't yet been able to find (in the numerable paper boxes "protecting" some of my old memories from the flow of time) I came across two photos dating back to 1997 that I wanted Pricilla and Azevedo to look at, following our recent getting together evening.
Despite the fact that eighteen years have gone by since this photo was taken I still remember that moment. Azevedo, his wife and I had gathered with the Air Traffic Controllers to be on a beach site for an organised barbecue just three days into my Macanese territory arrival. 
 Sally, Pricilla, Azevedo, Shirley and myself (from left to right).
Azevedo and his wife Sonia had booked three public grills on Hac Sa, Coloane island (which I had considered amazingly interesting at the time) and the students had brought along Portuguese imported sardines (to honour us with) to be cooked (the Macanese way, which meant they'd be spiced in a different way and later dipped in honey before being grilled).

I do remember the girls (I included) were offered some sort of welcoming gift (which I am looking at as the photo was being taken) upon reaching the site. It was an incredible afternoon, in which we started getting to know the students and the local habits. That initial "approach" would later prove to be precious in regards to the teaching-learning strategies.
I am particularly fond of these memories, one of the reasons being the fact that it was my first ever Asian trip, as well as my first experience in terms of teaching Chinese speaking students, whose mentality, learning rhythm and committement to the learning itself strongly differed from the one of our Portuguese and African students (I was used to).

The first group of Macanese Abinitio Air Traffic controllers (on their last Aeronautical English classroom day).

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