Wednesday, 4 November 2015

An evening out ...

Had we been in Macao, China and we would have almost certainly spent the evening out at Azevedo and Sonia's as we so often did back in 1996, but because not only is Sonia currently in Brazil and the rest of the former group of students not present, Azevedo and I decided to take Pricilla on an evening out to a local Portuguese restaurant.

We ended up talking about everything and nothing in what turned out to be an evening of memories' recollection and the getting to know what the current lives of those we were so attached to back then are now. The fabulous food added a touch of "nostalgia" to the gathering because despite being completely different from the specialities Sonia used to cook it was nevertheless around a table (and food, to be more precise) we used to get together.

May those who played an important role in our life keep on being acknowledged for having beeen special in some sort of way ...


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