Thursday, 2 January 2014

New Year's eve celebrations -The 30th and 31st of December 2013

I decided to invite Beta, Carla, Dulce and Tânia out on the 30th of December in what I would consider a thankful gesture for having had my "physical beauty" looked after throughout the entire year. One does get attached to those who seem to know a lot more about the texture of your hair and nails than you do yourself and more so because they seem to look after them in a rather proud way despite being paid for it.

We had quite an interesting amusing late evening meal at Mr. Manuel's, a local restaurant I often go to since I was operated on.

The French Alps cosy and rather intimate one-to-one New Year's eve dinners I cherished over a period of nine years have this year been substituted by  a dinner gathering at Carina and Rui's in which friends and random acquaintances of mixed nationalities gathered around a table filled with all sorts of different starters, Lasagnas for vegetarian and "less vegetarian" tastes, as well as assorted desserts and  a wide variety of wine choices.

If anyone didn't overindulge in food and drink were almost certainly Tipi and Dexter, the owners' cats because as far as the other "guests" are concerned it was an evening without any food or drinking limitations.

Being the oldest didn't intimidate me at all nor did the fact that I had only met three of the guests before. By six in the morning some of us were still having a rather philosophical discussion in English (or was it French?) ...

By the time I got to bed the sun was timidly rising ... that's when I realised I had stepped into the New Year ... without pomp and yet with "pride and circumstance" ...

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