Friday, 17 January 2014

Nantes, wooden-fronted Medieval houses - The 12th of January 2014 (morning)


I decided to walk around in search of several wooden-fronted Medieval houses still to be seen in Nantes.

 15, Rue Saint Pierre

 7, Rue de la Juiverie

 19-20, Rue des Carmes

 5-6, Rue Bossuet

The problem with photographing some of them had to do with the streets being quite narrow and thus not allowing the correct angle.

Whilst walking along Rue de Juiverie I came across a rather exquisite house in terms of façade decoration, which had actually been mentioned in the guide book.

At the end of Rue the Juiverie and before turning onto the right the Passage of Croix where a unique exhibition of Georges de la Tour 's paintings,  "Trois nuits pour une Renaissance" was being held was closed and wouldn't open but Tuesday.

I must admit I had been looking forward to seeing it and was subsequently upset not to have taken into account that private galleries would not be open on Sundays.

(To be continued)

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