Thursday, 16 January 2014

Nantes, the LU Tower and the Canal Saint-Felix - The 11th of January 2014 (afternoon)


Because it was still early I decided to walk up towards the Lieu Unique, a former well known family biscuit factory turned into a renovated space with a contemporary Arts and Cultural Centre, an artistic getting together venue and (even) a Hamman.
LU Towers' architecture with its skylight and the "Renommée" blowing the trumpet was really worth looking at.

I had access to the history of the "petite beurre" biscuit factory which was launched in the premises in 1846 and the efforts carried out by those who contributed to sustain that family enterprise over the years as I climbed up the numerous steps to reach the Gyrorama which allowed the visitors to also get a magnificent view over the city.

Just around the corner form it a beautiful view of the Canal Saint-Félix built in the 6th century, where the river Erdre is said to join the river Loire.

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