Sunday, 19 January 2014

Nantes, Quay de la Fosse façades - The 12th of January 2014 (afternoon)


Before heading towards the hotel area I inevitably fell upon the façades of Quay de la Fosse which I walked along until reaching Place de la Bourse with its Wallace fountain. 

The sculpted figures were as impressive as the ones I had previously come across whilst visiting Petite Hollande. House numbering, according to the guide book when associated with the letter "p"  provided further information as to the existence of a well ("p" thus standing for"puit" in French) and I did come across such a numbered house, in fact the only one, along the quay.

The tram system seemed to be quite well organised covering most areas and the tram tickets valid for one hour as from the moment they were first used which further added to the mobility in and out of the city centre boundaries covered by it. 

I only used it once from Neustrie into town the evening of my arrival and would certainly be using it the following day in the opposite direction because as until then I had felt no necessity to, believing that by walking around the city had also provided me with a different perspective. 

(To be continued)

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