Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Nantes, the Wall fallen from the Sky by the Royal de Luxe Theatre Company - The 11th of January 2014 (afternoon)

According to what has been creatively described, the mural which stands in Place Alexis has literally fallen from the sky hitting the city of Nantes.

In it several historic characters and events connected to the city can be seen and amongst them the little Giant girl said to have embarked on a boat from Vera Cruz and the Giant peasant transported in a container which docked at Saint Lazaire port, as well as images representing Xolo, the God-dog with obsidian teeth, Frida Kahlo and Dieguito Rivera.

In the form of a typical South American mural, the Wall fallen from the Sky stands out as a rather exquisite piece of street Art in the middle of a rather active area with trams going up and down and skate-boarders "flying" by.

Creativity is priceless and draws children and adults alike, this being the reason as to why an apparently simple and yet unique mural as this one has easily convinced me to wanting to see one of the Royal de Luxe Theatre Company live performances this year (Liverpool or Nantes ? ... I don't really care as long as I don't miss the opportunity of experiencing magic even if surrounded by thousands of others who are equally attracted to this kind of puppetry performing acts!)

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