Sunday, 31 March 2013

Olhos de Gigante by Teatro o Bando ...

I have been to watch the Theatrical Group O Bando perform Olhos de Gigante (Giant Eyes) based on Almada Negreiros at Teatro Nacional D. Maria I.

The first moments into the performance left the audience wondering what was actually going to come out of it, until the dialogues built up the core issue of the play. Majestically interpreted by the two actors on stage. The whole mis-en-scène clearly brought in much of Almada Negreiros's soul, even down to the actors' attire.

As I left the Theatre I couldn't help re-evaluating my actual life and wondering ...

"Don't fear witnessing your head moving towards madness, let it not frighten you. Let it reach madness! Help push it towards madness. Join in and move yourself towards madness as well! Whilst some only see what is within reach, so caught up in their daily agenda, others have been dreaming of far away landscapes and chimeras, without being able to distinguish the contours of that which surround them. Some can't dream but a life whilst others can't live without dreaming. But how then can one keep the world going 'round? Which world is this the one we live in, whether lived or dreamt of  concealing yet another side? One thrives to venture into the unknown, knowing that one has to stop before moving on, even if moving on means not moving away. Knowing that if one reaches whatever one is looking for one will not be able to ask back one's shadow: who are you running away from? Knowing that something will come before you the moment the light is turned off. Believing that something will finally come before you when darkness lights itself up."

Ana Brandão, Raul Atalaia

Gil Gonçalves

Metteurs en scène
João Brites and Miguel Jesus

Rui Francisco

Teatro o Bando

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