Sunday, 24 March 2013

Julio dos Reis Pereira revisited ...

As the first morning sun rays broke free I made my way to Gulbenkian Museum to revisit Julio dos Reis Pereira's exhibition so as to take some photographs of his most impressive paintings ... the ones which represent the female body in its manifold perspectives, whether symbol of sensitiveness or lacking any sense of seduction ... unveiling a state of carnal desire or revealing enchantment  ... promiscuity ... macabre situations ... nakedness ... the boundaries between the inside and the outside ... dreams ... aspirations ...

Menina com franja (Girl with fringed hair) - 1930 (left). Mulher e natureza morta (Woman and still life) - 1927 (right).

Nu (Nude) - 1930 (left). Nu à janela (Nude by the window) - 1930 (right).

Sobre a cidade (On the city) - 1931 (left). Epitalamio (Epithalamium) - 1931 (right).

O burguês e a menina (The bourgeois and the young girl) - 1931.

O pescador de sereias (The angler of mermaids) - 1929.

Espera (Waiting) - 1930 (left). Noturno (Nocturne) - 1927 (right).

Comediantes (Comedians) - 1928 (left). Musica sobre a vila (On the village music) - 1929 (right).

Noturno (Nocturne) - 1929 (left). Aspiração (Aspiring) -1926 (right).

Musicos e Mulheres no espaço (Musicians and Women in space) - 1925.

Paraiso (Paradise) - 1927

Some of  his 1939 drawings caught my attention as well, so I ended up photographing some of them. "Lines and gestures made into poems" ..., stories behind each representation ...

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