Wednesday, 27 January 2016

The latest film I have seen ...

Being an epic Western adventure type film The Revenant  would not necessarily be among my personal choices as far as films are concerned, yet the fact that it was inspired by the experiences of a frontiersman and a fur trapper in 1823 together with having received worldwide appraisal led me to go and see it at a local Cinema, more out of curiosity than any special willingness to do so. 

I must be honest and say I felt it was too visceral and raw for my personal taste though I must equally confess the interpretations by Leonardo Di Caprio and Tom Hardy were rather impressive and Emmanuel Lubezki's cinematography worth being praised.

"(...) alone amid the empty, unforgiving expanse of nature is The Revenant able to achieve what it truly aspires to be: a contemplative exploration on the human will to survive." - Jason McKiernan

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