Sunday, 3 January 2016

The latest film I have seen ...

I had been looking forward to seing The Danish Girl mostly because it is based on a true story involving a couple of Danish painters, one of the main characters being one my favourite acting performers of last year and furthermore what several critics have been writing on it. 

The rather "exquisite" life of  a couple of  early 20th century Danish painters Einar Wegener and his wife Gerda is approached in a very intelligent  and beautifully intimate way by Tom Hooper, in as much as it is not shocking despite the fact that it revolves around Einar's feelings  towards wanting to become Lili Elbe and the impact this "changing" process will have in the life of the couple and society, bearing in mind the fact that it is set in 1926 and Lili is saidd to have been one of the first people to undergo sex assignment surgery.

The real Einar Wegener and the Lili Elbe he turned into  (left). Eddie Redmayne personification of Lili Elbe (right).

"There's depth to be had if you're looking for it and tellingly unfaithful reflections of people, landscapes, intentions are everywhere." - Robin Collin

Portrait of  Lili Elbe,  former Einar Wegener, painted by  his wife Gerda Weneger (left).

"What Hooper has crafted is a work of probing intelligence and passionate heart." - Peter Travers.

It is worth being seen, if for nothing at least for Eddie Redmayne and Alicia Vikander"s interpretations, which are second to none.

Photos of Einar Wegener (alias Lili Elbe).

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