Tuesday, 12 January 2016

The forthcoming trip to Calheta de São Miguel, Cape Verde ...

Organising things for the forthcoming trip isn't easy in as much as buying presents for children, whose interests I am not exactly sure of can be a hard "job" together with satisfying the humble requests of those who have written to the "godparents" expressing some of their desires, though I should be used to the whole process by now. 

I have managed to pack  and buy the presents for fifteen children and three adults (I am indepted to) so far and got more "godparents" interested in helping two extra boys. I'll worry about the weight after, though it is always one of my major problems.

Partly packed suitcase with the presents for Mauricio, Edeson, Veinilson, Silvanio, Flavio, Lavinia, Leinira, Jessica Joceane, Cynthia,Veronica, Naiade, Carline, Nate, Marlene and Dona Celeste.

Some "godparents" trust me to buy the things for the children as in accordance with an agreed upon financial limit, so I  always take photos of what I have bought as a reference for both them and myself.

Presents for Eveline Natalina (left) and Veronica Conceição (right)

Presents for Herber

I know I'll be assailed by a mixture of excitement and nervousness until the eve of the outgoing flight but that's something I'll have to balance out for my sake and the sake of the children, who are counting on us.

(To be continued)

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