Wednesday, 20 January 2016

"Break a leg" ...

"Break a leg" is what I'd like to be able to personally tell my daughter tonight as she will be reading out Mário Cesariny's poems together with a group of other actors at Pensão Amor, in what happens to be a cycle of poetry reading devised by the Theatrical group Os Pato Bravo.
Similarly to the latest poetry session held in December last I may not be attending the venue  which starts fairly late in the evening and right in the middle of the week which is a hindering aspect.

Being creative and surviving as an actor in a country, whose leaders pay little respect to this form of Art or any other, is hard ...
Cesariny's own feelings in regards to this, despite having been conveyed many years ago, encapsulate the overall attitude towards this form of expression.
"I am put on a high pedestal as people clap hands whilst listening to me to be soon outcast  as I spend time home on my own.That's the Portuguese literary appraisal type of approach."

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