Saturday, 9 January 2016

The African project ...

I am particularly touched by the fact that a number of  new people have decided to join me in wanting to provide some of the children from Calheta a few moments of happiness by sending them some gifts, clothes and story books together with some money for the school needs of those who attend school.

Not only have these people selected six children who have never had anything but also five whom some friends and I provided for last time and two whose "godparents" have stepped out.

Despite the fact that the initial teaching project which I haven't been able to carry out but for about four years was "abandoned" because of burocratic events I have grown fond of the village children and particularly the ones who were part of the project. Playing the role of a sort of "Santa"once a year doesn't diminish my feeling of wanting to give the village children some good moments to "hold onto" and eventually make them want to dream.

I shall be travelling with a French friend whom I shared the last Cape Verdian experience with and who has also fallen in love with the village. I don't know how we'll be able to carry the amount of wheight we already have but one thing I am sure of is that we won't regret having to carry part of it "on our backs" as we did last time for the sake of seing the children happy.

May we keep on having the stamina to do it for a long time because these Cape Verde experiences are emotionally fulfilling and worth fighting for.

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