Monday, 6 April 2015

The latest films I have watched ...

I have always been an avid reader of books on the Nazi occupation, especially those which despite being "dificult" to digest due to the unspeakable gruesome actions that were carried out have somehow always highlighted a certain sense of loyalty, friendship, solidarity and whichever values one might refer to despite the hard circumstances.
I have had the opportunity of watching two films in the last two weekends, which are both based on books, which in turn were based on real life stories that happened during that period of war.



Based on Uri Orlev's true story "Run, boy, run" takes us through the saga of an 8 year-old boy cast adrift in Nazi occupied Poland. The film strongly reflects on a kid's struggle to survive, as an oath made to his father the day his father distracted some Nazi soldiers and got killed to allow his child to run away without being caught, but also people's efforts to maintain a certain degree of loyalty despite being temporarily forced to concealing it.

"Suite Francaise" on the other hand is based on a fragment of the Ukrainian-Jewish writer Irene Némiovski's novel of the same name centring it on a romance between a French villager  and a German officer during the early years of the German occupation of France in what turned out to be a rather complicated sequence of events, where loyalty was called  forth.

I feel they are both worth being watched not just because of what one may further ponder on but also because they have been brilliantly interpreted.


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