Monday, 27 April 2015

São Roque Church (cont.), Lisboa - The 25th of April 2015


I continued towards the Chancel flanked by the reliquary altars with the Holy male martyrs on the left and the female martyrs on the right. 

The chancel has an altar piece composition with representations of the founder and members of the Sociedade de Jesus, Ignatious de Loyola, Francis Xavier, Aloysius Gonzaga and Francis Borgia

The various chapels were astoundingly beautiful, each more beautiful than the one that had preceeded it ..., I didn't know what else could impress me, I was so mesmerised that I forgot to go back to the Sacristy area, which had been filled with visitors and therefore missed not only the Sacristy itself but also some altars that stood around it. 

Just before walking out I looked behind and didn't resist photographing part of two glazed tile panels, one of which I had seen before at the Tile Museum

I will definitely have to go back and not only see what I didn't this time around but also take more time to thoroughly admire each chapel individually.


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