Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Francisco Goya's etchings' exhibition at Torreão Poente , Lisboa (cont.)


They spin finely. The devil himself wouldn't be able to undo the thread.

She was sensitive (left) - What else could it have been. Life has its ups and downs and her life couldn't have ended any other way. It is nicely stretched (right) - Oh Auntie is no fool! She knows how important it is to have one's stocking stretched adequately.

For Count Palatine (left) - In every field of science there are charlatans, who despite not having studied seem to know everything and find remedy for just anything. One shouldn't trust their words. A true wise man doubts his own success - he promises little and achieves a lot. Count Palatine belongs to those who don't even keep his promises. Poor unfortunate girls (right) - Those who have been unfortunate enough to have become prostitutes are taken to jail. The ones in higher social ranks live as they please. Laws seem to have only been made for the poor.

Specks of dust (left) A woman of honour who so diligently served everybody shouldn't be treated like that. Nothing could be done about it (right) - This saintly lady was persecuted to death and paraded triumphantly. If their idea was to offend her, it has been a waste of time, for nobody can shame those whose acts are shameless.

Use one's head (left)  - The best way for simple-headed girls to achieve poise is by using their heads. Over the top (right) - The son has been mischievous and his mother has been bad-tempered. There are parents who beat their children up till they are black and blue for having done a minor thing like breaking a pot and yet don't punish them for major mistakes.


Who's touched by who? (left) - When an empty-headed man tries to catch a woman's attention he uses every possible facial expression (Duchesse of Alba and Goya). Hush (right) - Distinguished ladies take advantage of  old women standing outside chuchyards praying to hand out love messages to their lovers.

Why hide it? (left) - The answer is simple, he does not want to spend it. Despite being 80 years old he may still be able to live on for a d further month. Fearing having more than a life time to spend his money one, his gesture is sometimes interpreted as avarice. She prays for her (right) - May God bestow good fortune upon her and keep her away from evil, men with university degrees and/or Lwa ranking officers.


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