Monday, 6 April 2015

Francisco Goya's etchings exhibition at Torreão Poente, Lisboa (still)


The etchings were fairly small and therefore difficult to photograph, especially because no flash was allowed but I kept on photographing the ones I found to be rather satirical and perfectly identifiable in nowaday's life, as I wondered about Goya's risk taking at having exposed his "audacity" at such an epoch.

Everyone falls ... a warning to consider those who have "fallen" before.

It is time (left) - Witches, hobgoblins, specters and phantoms avoid being seen (they are known to come out in the dark). The "Chinchilas" (right) -  He who hears nothing and knows nothing belongs the the numerous family of "Chinchillas". 

You will not escape (left) - She who wants to be caught will never escape. Nobody has seen us (right) - Who cares if priest often go down to the cellar?

When day breaks off we go (left). Devout profession (right) Do you swear to obbey and respect your masters? Well then you are a witch now.

What a fine master! (left) - Brooms are very important utensils. Blows (right) - "There has been a great catch of children the previous night. The banquet will be a good one. Bon appétit".

Rehearsal (left) - Little by little she is making progress. There she goes (right) There goes a witch riding on a physically impaired devil.

Who would have believed it! (left) Friendship is the daughter of virtue; villains may become accomplices but never friends. Look at the solemnity of the act (right).

Whistle blowing sorcerers (left) - Considered the laziest and less skilled in the witchcraft world. Correction (right) - No progress can be made without it.

There is a lot to profit from - Those who live to be 80 take advantage of their children and those who are not yet 18 take advantage of the grown-ups.

Bravo! (left). No more, no less (right)

Could the pupil eventually know more than the teacher?
(To be continued)

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