Sunday, 26 April 2015

The last book I have read ...

Despite not having read much more than a few sparse poems written by Jorge Luis Borges I nevertheless felt I should read With Borges, by the internationally acclaimed author Alberto Manguel, whom I must also confess never having heard of, but who more than many was in a  much better position to offer readers an intimate-like approach of the author, once he spent several years reading aloud and transcribing for Borges. 

I am glad I did choose this little "gem" based on the synopsis because not only do I feel keen on reading Borges now but also the one who has written this moving portrait of the writer.


"There are writers who attempt to put he world in a book. There are others, rarer, for whom the world is a book, a book that they attempt to read for themselves and for others. Borges was one of those writers. He believed against all odds, that our moral duty was to be happy, and he believed that happiness could be found in books, even though he was unable to explain why this was so."
"Alberto Manguel was, is, and always will be a wunderkind" - Literary Review
"This delightful book provides readers with a key to open more than one secret room of Borges's magical words." Mahmoud Darwish

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