Sunday, 1 February 2015

The theory of everything ...

What an inspiring film !... and what an outstanding performance, especially on the part of the actor who played Stephen Hawking's role, Eddie Redmayne.

"Redmayne towers: this is an astonishing genuinely visceral performance which bears comparison with Daniel Day-Lewis in My left foot", (one of my ever favourite films).

Based on Travelling to infinity: my life with Stephen written by the well known physicist's first wife Jane The theory of everything is not only a biographical film that takes us back into his astrophysics student times through to his first worldwide recognition but also a defiance against all odds in which love has played a major role.

Despite some less appraising critics it is not surprising it has received  several awards and nominations since its release in late 2014 though.
 I don't think anyone who watched it as Mia and I did yesterday walked out as indifferently as when we walked into that cinema room ...
" A stirring and bittersweet love story."  

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