Sunday, 1 February 2015

The latest book I've read ...

I have just finished reading a rather unique collection of over forty love letters from  a  wide variety of contemporary writers and although I wasn't touched by them all (which was largely expected taking into account the different writing styles) I must confess that I enjoyed it and must give credit to some of the critics, whose opinions led me to buying it. 

I hadn't given it  a thought that the object of one's demonstrative written love could actually go so further beyond what I had imagined as such, but in reading some of the demonstrations of love I realised that virtually anything can be the object of our most inner feelings and that by exteriorising those one may just give them their due justice.
Some of the letters were particularly poignant and had me put the book down and rethink some of my personal perspectives on some of the focused issues, whilst some were utterly "unexpected" and had me laughing. 

"A wonderfully varied exercise in creativity ... largely playful and ridiculously enjoyable. A true pleasure." - Guardian
They have brought wit and passion together wit their totally original collection to unleash the romantic in all of us ... May the stars shine on them for resurrecting this delicious, dying custom." - Daily Telegraph

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