Saturday, 28 February 2015

The sweetness of Southern India circuit (Day 4 morning cont.) - On the way to Madurai - The 14th of February 2015


We stopped  by the road one more time before reaching Madurai, so as to watch three ladies making ropes out of coconut fibre in what I personally found to be a rather interesting traditional way of rolling the fibre along as if it were wool or any other material. Just before crossing the road to watch them I photographed a small Hindu temple, without doubt a rather small version of the ones we would be expected to visit in the Tamil Nadu area.

Upon reaching the outskirts of the town the air conditioning system on the bus failed (I thanked whoever I felt I had to thank for the temporary system failure once I had realised it was what had clearly  been aggravating my sore throat and responsible for my on-going cough).

Not long after the bus got a flat tyre, as we were entering the city and whilst Sagar was trying to have us board tuk-tuks in groups of three so as to get us to the hotel a city bus came by and offered us a ride. The bus looked filthy on the inside and wasn't comfortable at all (not visible in the pictures I took of the "adventurous ride") but what was worth remarking were the looks of the JC Residency hotel porters as the bus made its way onto its parking area to drop us off.

Before having headed to the hotel restaurant, close to the swimming-pool area we had time to quickly go up onto our rooms, which I found not only to be very comfortable but particularly well decorated. There was a rather unique painting close to my bedside table and I later realised there were quite a few interesting paintings spread around the corridors and halls in what was an inclusion of modernity onto a rather traditional architecture.



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