Tuesday, 24 February 2015

The sweetness of Southern India circuit (Day 1 afternoon and evening) - Kochi (The airport and the Abad Atrium hotel) - The 11th of February 2015

We reached Kochi by early afternoon after having had to stop over at Mumbai international airport and go through quite a few complicated procedures (such as getting through the customs with our collected luggage which had been previously tagged to the final destination and on a bus to the domestic flights terminal). The group members  (nine in total, as apparently someone had given up at the last moment) were to soon meet the guide, Sagar and the bus driver Kadir.

The old  1936 British Residency of the Kingdom of Kochi turned into the Kochi domestic flight airport located at Nedumbassery, about 30 kilometres Northeast of Kochi had a rather interesting colonial-like structure and I couldn't help photographing it as we were waiting for the bagagges to be meticulously arranged at the back of the small bus we would be travelling on.

The Abad Atrium Hotel we would be spending our first night at was about forty kilometres away and as we drove in its direction I saw the first Chinese fishing nets spread across the river - the well known fishing nets most touristic brochures seemed to talk about.

Upon reaching the hotel we were welcome with a jasmine and red rose flower necklace and a cold drink. A very delicious traditional Kerala cuisine dinner was the culmination of the long "ordeal" we had to go through since having left Paris. We were all exhausted and more so those who hadn't been able to relax on the rather long flight to Mumbai (I being among them).



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