Friday, 27 February 2015

The sweetness of Southern India circuit (Day 2 afternoon cont.) - Sailing along the Allepey canals, backwaters and lagoons on a Kettuvallan house boat; exploring the surrounding innerland area - The 12th of February 2015


The farther away we sailed in the direction of the sea the more luxurious the landscape looked. We got closer to the shore line several times having had a glimpse of what daily life in the shore community looked like and having later been back to the overnight anchoring place after having bought the shrimps for our dinner's starters ventured innerland as the cook prepared our evening meal.


I don't think any of us was expecting what we came across on land. Some of the houses looked like rather expensive villas constrasting with most of the traditional ones built by locals. Some innerland water canals provided the transportation means for the local community and it was quite interesting to see a woman sailing a canoe along one of those. As evening drew we decided to walk back onto the boat because of moskitos harrasing us.

I handed out some of the things I had brought for the local children to a three child family living close to the anchoring place, as well as some to the cook, whom I found out to have a small child. I must confess I always get emotional to see and "feel" the extent of children's happiness once we hand them out small presents and school material.  

I started feeling really feverish and barely ate part of the food (which looked really delicious) placed in front of me. All I seemed to want to do was get to bed and sleep (as if by doing so the ongoing cough would stop). I left the table before dinner was even finished.


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