Friday, 23 January 2015

Bristol (Day 3 - early morning) - On the way to the Castle Park area - The 17th of January 2015

We got up fairly early and prior to heading to another city area - The Casle Park stopped at the Imaginarium by Wilkinson Eyre reflecting the continual activity of the Public Square and  almost impossible to miss, as it stood right in front of our hotel. I was my turn (then) to "take" Gay Grant by the arm and walk beside him.

We decided to walk along the floating harbour via Arnolfini though we made it to the opposite side (towards the Hannover quay) first where we took some photos of the statue of Cabot (whose sharp "looks" I fell for - a mixture of "roughness and curiosity"), as well as of the Lloyds TSB amphitheatre, which looked  quite imposing in the distance.

Around the Redcliffe parade area

It was still very early and because of being Saturday no one could be seen in the streets. Upon reaching the top of Welsh back we came across some interesting old buildings used as pubs and across the road from them the memorial on the lost ships of Bristol.

The old Fish Market's typical Byzantine architecture (left).

Across the Bristol bridge one could see a huge stretch of green land with the Barbican Gate, said to have been the fortified western entrance of Bristol Castle.

After having strolled along the Castle Park area we made it farther up onto Broadmead and then the Old Market areas where no activities seemed to be going we made it back into the old city area via Nelson street.


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