Sunday, 18 January 2015

Bristol (Day 1 evening) - On the way to the Hotel -The 15th of January 2015

We reached Bristol by early afternoon and headed soon after to the city centre, where our Hotel was located. Having been dropped at the Red Cliff bridge we walked towards the Millennium Square not before having come across the first interesting statue I photographed before it got any darker, despite not knowing anything about its meaning (I'd try to find out about it later).

The Millennium Square was right after having crossed the Pero's bridge over what was signalled on the map as the floating harbour and on it the Ibis Hotel we would be spending the next three nights at.

Soon after having dropped our back packs we headed to the Cathedral area, just a few minutes away from the hotel where we walked into a bookshop we were to spend our next hour in before darkness fell, once it would be impossible to visit anything given the limited amount of time.
When we headed back to the hotel we were carrying our first purchased goods - a few books and DVDs.


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