Friday, 23 January 2015

Bristol (Day 2 - late afternoon) - Along the Lewins Mead into the Harbourside area and around the city centre - The 16th of January 2015

We walked along Lewins Mead and right beside the Hotel au Vin we came across a statue representing the cloaked horseman, which I found to be appealing (something in the cloakman's look, as well as his horse's cauhgt my attention). Less interesting though, despite having been mentioned to us at the Tourist office for its historic importance, were the Christmas steps which were to be found slightly behind.

We turned onto the Watershead on our way to the Tourist office to confirm the possibility of doing a Banksy Art tour the following day, which we were unfortunate not to be able to participate on as there were no more places available. The E-shed where the Tourist office is located is lined by cafes and shops providing a rather pleasant view over the floating harbour.


Before heading back to the City Centre we stoped at he hotel briefly and on its way photographed the statue of a beetle  that stood between the Bristol Aquarium and the At-Bristol Science Centre, which I had been looking at from a distance since the day before (I am not particularly keen on insects ...).

Having stopped at a Bookshop (they literally abound in England compared to other countries) we then headed towards St. Nicholas Markets, within the enclosed premises of St. Nicks buildings. We simply loved strolling around the  amalgamous array of gifts, handcrafted and vintage clothes and rather unique pieces of jewellery. We ended up buying two Nepalese garments, which I am sure will catch people's eye due to their originality.


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