Sunday, 25 January 2015

Bristol (Day 3 afternoon and Day 4 morning) - Clifton Suspension Bridge and on the way to the airport - The 17th and 18th of January 2015

It started raining as we left the ferry and it looked as if it might get worse at any moment, so we headed back to the hotel area to decided on what we would be doing next, though we had in mind to go up to the Clifton area to be able to get (at least) a glimpse of the Clifton suspension bridge.

It did get worse but we still hopped onto a bus that dropped us off at Victoria square from where we made our way through the Clifton village, having had to shelter ourselves twice (in two Oxfam shops, where we ended up buying a few things) before we reached the bridge.
I don't know if it was because it was rather dark or because I had set too high expectations but Clifton bridge fell under my expectations. We didn't make it to the Observatory hill due to the pouring rain and as I was beginning to get uncomfortable with it it stopped abruptly while we were walking down towards Hotwells.

Though it felt as if we were in the outskirts of nowhere we still managed to come across some interesting street paintings before we reached the bookshop close to the hotel area where we bought some more books and CDs.

Despite the fact that most people we had spoken to before going on the Bristol trip seemed to have found nothing special in the city and had strongly advised us to fly somewhere else instead we did enjoy the city and actually fell for it. Had we had more time and we would have done a lot more, particularly because there were some churches we had wanted to visit, which we didn't and an area we missed entirely.

We had to be at the airport by midday so (calmly) made our way to the bus station to get on the bus that would take us there not without taking one last picture of the inspiring statue of Burke (wish our members of Parliament felt the same way ...).


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