Saturday, 24 January 2015

Bristol (Day 3 - early afternoon) - On the way to Spike island - along Spike island's shore - The 17th of January 2015

We made our way back to the hotel area before having decided to venture onto the Spike island. The weather seemed to be changing but despite being a lot chillier than it was early in the morning it hadn't started to rain as it had been forecast.

We walked up to the vicinity of Oporto Quay, where we had to get on a small ferry boat (with space for about 8 to 9 people) that would take us across on what ended up being a two minute ride.
We then walked along its shore overlooking Hotwells, whose colourful house looked quite nice from the distance. Although there seemed to be nothing rather special  on the island we somehow felt the cool maritime breeze had made a difference in our quite inner city oriented weekend and we ended up enjoying the two hour walk. 

Right before getting back onto the ferry we unexpectedly sighted one of the most recent Banksy paintings (his version of the well known Vermeer's painting), which we had missed on our arrival to the island and that alone added something special to our "adventure".


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