Saturday, 8 November 2014

Zwei Leben by Georg Maas

I have been to see a very good Norwegian German produced film "Zwei Leben" (Two lives) on the disruption of a life built on lies, dissimulations, stealing of identities and every possible devious approach liable to bring out an emotional story based on a true fact related to World War II and the so called "shame children", in this particular case a child born from a relationship between a Norwegian woman and a German occupation soldier.

Though I am not  commonly used to reading the subtitles, which I find to be a distractor, I had to this time during the dialogues in Norwegian, though not necessarily in those carried out in German and yet despite this fact I managed to get deeply involved in the film sequencing which turned out to be more than a simple drama or a thrill type of film.

The interpretation was second to none and for me, similarly to many others from my generation I believe, an utterly good surprise to see Liv Ulman I hadn't seen for such a long time playing one of the characters. 

Not having read or heard of the former DDR involvement in regards to the "shame children" before and thus not being able to determine the extent of the truth conveyed in the film I can nevertheless say that even if it was partly true it must have been very hard for the parties involved - those who lost the children, those who looked for the parents, the ones who "got in-between" and all who unknowingly got caught up in the web of lies.

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