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Calheta de São Miguel, Santiago island - Cape Verde - The handing out of the presents (cont.) - The 22nd of November 2014 (afternoon)


Before heading into the fishing port area so as to have Noelle meet the mother of the girl she is "in charge of" Leiziny showed up so we handed her the dress and the money for her school needs sent by her "godmother.

As we were walking down towards the port by a short cut over the beach we met Jocelyne and Ivanilde Elena's father, who told us they would come by later as they were at school. Upon reaching the hairdresser's saloon where Sandra works we realised it was closed with Sandra having gone to Assomada to buy some hair dressing products. I was worried Noelle might have come for nothing but trusted she would soon have a chance to meet her "goddaughter" and  mother soon.

So as not to lose more time we decided to walk up to the upper part of Cutelo Miranda by walking up the hill and unexpectedly came across Sandra who was shocked to see her daughter's "godmother", as she hadn't expected her to come all the way from France to meet them. We nevertheless continued our "escalade" and promised to stop by at the hairdresser's later, as Erica was at the high school in the village next to Calheta until half past six in the evening.
We stopped by at Naté's, the mother of "my" Leinira where we ended up coming across the whole family (she excluded). We handed out the presents to Leidina, Elias and Lou sent to them by Carla Oliveira, Gabriela and Celeste respectively, whilst Naté was given the money sent for their school needs.

Leidina with her new baby-doll pyjamas (left) and wearing her new outfit and necklace whilst holding the new vowel game her "godmother" sent her (right).

Lou wearing her new blouse and necklace (left) and Elias his new T-shirt (right).
We then stopped at the next door neighbour's to hand out the new blouse and sandals to Jessica Joceane sent to her by Francisco. We soon noticed her mother seemed even more excited than she was as she looked at the photo I had taken of her last time, which I handed her together with the money for the school needs.

As we were making our way down we briefly stopped by Veronica's, whose father was handed out the money for the school needs.

Before walking down towards the fishing port we were stopped by some of the village young ladies who had children since I had last seen them. We stopped by Marline and Aniza's where I spent some time talking to their grandmother and some of the neighbouring old ladies to let them know their granddaughters could come by the pension in the early evening to collect their presents.

We finally made it back to the hairdresser's to allow Noelle to get to know Sandra a little better and get some answers to some of the questions she wanted to ask her regarding their way of life, needs and expectations. At one point Sandra stopped working leaving her client behind as if Noelle's presence was a lot more important, despite the barriers of the language and her own timidity. Soon after two of her daughters walked in, which allowed Noelle to get to at least see them.

Before heading back to the pension, where a few children were already awaiting our return we stopped by Celeste's, whom I had bought a Holy Mary of Fatima's statue for, as well as to have some water and get some temporary shelter, as the temperature was too high.

Back at the pension we handed out the presents to the siblings Silas and Silvânio sent by Dulce and Pedro respectively, soon followed by the ones to little Eduardo, Jessica Patricia and Felisberto, who had just found out he had got a "godmother".

Silas (left) and Silvânio (right) holding the presents, the photos and the money for the school needs.

Little Eduardo surrounded by the presents sent to him by his "godmother".

Jessica Patricia holding the envelope containing the money sent for her school needs (left) and holding the presents (right) sent by Jorge respectively.

Felizberto clearly happy with the unexpected clothes and presents sent to him by Lucia (left) and with Sr. Meno (right), who was handed the money for his school needs on behalf of his mother.
(To be continued)

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