Friday, 21 November 2014

The Portuguese adapted and staged version of "L'Évangile selon Pilate" on the novel "Mes Évangiles" by Eric Emmanuel Schmidt at Teatro Comuna Pesquisa

I have been to Teatro Comuna Pesquisa to see the Portuguese adapted version of Eric Emmanuel Schmidt's "L'évangile selon Pilate" based on the novel "Mes Évangiles", which I was not only curious about, taking into account their French/Belgian author, whose works I admire but also because of Carlos Paulo, one of the two actors on stage whose majestic interpretations I have  always been inevitably drawn to.

I must admit the play did exceed my expectations as the mystery of the disappearance of the corpse of Christ from the tomb surfaces in a sequencing of fundament hypothesis mingled with the equally fundament ones associated with Christ's reported resurrection, adding  to the viewers'  own doubts in regards to what has really happened. Following the author's approach to the issue of Incarnation and Resurrection, we ourselves start questioning the sequencing of events, which for some can only be explained in an inexplicable "irrational" way whilst for others, like Pilate, who voices his and many people's doubts can't be figured out but by proven reasoning. 

The text is beautifully constructed in its endless interspersed questions but I do strongly believe that Carlos Paulo has given it a different dimension by having had an outstanding performance second to none. His co-actor on stage, Hugo Franco has a rather faded presence, though he is supposed to, whilst playing the role of a mere scribe who is therefore under the shadow of Pilate.  
A memorable evening  ..., like many others Teatro Comuna Pesquisa has "honoured" me with over the last years.

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