Saturday, 29 November 2014

On the way to Santiago island, Cape Verde - The 21st (late evening) and the 22nd (early morning) of November 2014

Though it might not be visible I left to Santiago island in a state of tiredness, one I haven't had for a long time. But taking into account all I had to do in terms of work, plus several minor "incidents" concerning the Calheta project before leaving and the re-arrangements regarding the trip with the return flight cancellations and alterations, which both affected Noelle and me, we were in good spirits.
One of the positive things we were granted was the extra weight, which is welcome in every similar situation, as well as the precious help from Rui Neves and João de Barros, who helped us through the check-in formalities and the last minute confirmation that we would have a car at our disposition on our way to Calheta, gently provided by the Mayor of the village.

We reached Praia later than expected, as there was a flight delay, but by two in the morning we had been given the keys of our hotel rooms and were therefore ready for a short night sleep before the next tiring stage of our trip.

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