Friday, 7 November 2014

Challenging one's limits ...

It was a fairly hard working week in which I had to challenge my own limits. I don't normally like to have to concentrate myself on the English Language development of different groups simultaneously for fear of not being able to pay the necessary attention to each of every one of them, particularly because the syllabi of the Aviation oriented courses are too demanding to be taken lightly.
For reasons that went beyond my control, as I was still teaching an abinitio group of air traffic controllers I was asked to take on another group, this time of communications and aeronautical operators, which not only further added to my already overburdened timetable but also contemplated a total immersion type of approach I personally don't feel adequate bearing in mind the long term main objective of this type of refresher courses. 
I had to readapt my whole concept of teaching and reinvent myself as a communicator so as to accommodate this type of approach without having the students demotivated and tired.  

We have made it through to the end in what was at times a challenging of our own limits ... but we (the students and I) were both particularly happy with the final outcome ...

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