Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Aviation oriented refresher modules for Cascais ... - The 3rd and the 5th of June 2013

Being with students I had not been for a while has proved to be quite important for my ego (I must confess) in as much as remembering the joy of past moments in the classroom, as well as the realisation of how well they have done in terms of the required level of English. 

There's a sort of "matriarchal" attitude on my part, as I can't separate their achievements in the English Language from the natural feelings of a "mother", whose "children" have done well academic and professionally.

I do sincerely hope they will continue to do well in achieving their goals professionally and that they may keep on coming  to the Training Centre from time to time so that I may just feel and acknowledge how proud I am (for them).

Paulo (left) and Gustavo (right)


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