Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Oviedo, Asturias (Day 2 - afternoon) - the 15th of June 2013

We soon realised we were in the middle of a rural area and had just missed the bus thus having to wait for another one for about one hour to get back to town. 

Once down town which we finally reached having taken a taxi, we walked down Gascona a well known pedestrian street for being lined by cider bars and restaurants.

"Gitana" by Sebastian Miranda.

"Guisandera" by M. Luisa Schez. Ocaña.


Some local festivity had just finished as I found out after having spoken to some local youth dressed in traditional attiré I came across in the Pumarin area

"Los libros que nos unen" by E. Urculo

Whilst waiting for the Cathedral to open I took to the lower city streets and photographed firstly the façades of the Church del Sagrado Corazon, better known as Las Salesas because of having been the Convent Church of La Visitacion de Maria occupied by the nuns of the referred congregation from 1887 and then the Church of San Juan el Real.

I soon decided to go back to the train station area so as to photograph the statue of Salvador Dali before walking to the upper part of the city around San Francisco Park to photograph some more statues before the opening of the Cathedral.

"Hombre sobre delfin" by Salvador Dali


Former Hospicio Real

"Adios cordera" by M. Garcia Linares


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