Saturday, 22 June 2013

Last considerations on the short trip to Oviedo ...

I did really enjoy this short trip to Oviedo and feel that had I stayed longer I might have even "explored" some of the neighbouring cities - Gijon and Aviles, which might be as interesting to visit as Oviedo, which I found to be bigger than I had imagined and which clearly exceeded my initial expectations.

Though I only flew back home in the early afternoon of the third day there was no possibility to do anything in the morning due to the fact that the drive to the airport of Asturias would take half an hour, with buses running every hour and the hotel we were staying at was located in the outskirts of the city, yet I was happy enough with the experience and feel I'll go back some other time.

Apart from the odd books I always buy when I travel I bought nothing though I felt tempted to bring back home some local specialities and had it not been the limited weight one is authorised on board low cost flights I would have.


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