Sunday, 9 June 2013

"Kefar Nahum" by Cie Mossoux-Bonté at Teatro Nacional, Lisbon - The 9th of June 2013

I must confess that despite the fact that this performance was rather exquisite right from the beginning to the end, allowing us to wonder on what it really was about, I didn't dislike it, once I started getting into it and figuring out the sense of "destructiveness" as the sequence of  different coupling objects ended with some being discarded when not needed any more or the forces of what I would personally identify as "power games" took their stand on the stage to soon afterwards be themselves discarded ..., in the words of a critic "the story of creation going wrong - where people cannot relate and so destroy each other" ...

Whatever it was that was trying to be conveyed, one thing stood out as being undeniably objective - the quality of the performance by the only person on stage, Nicole Mossoux (a Belgian dancer and choreographer), whose body was also used in a very inventive and majestic skilful way throughout the sequence of events, though more remarkably noticed in the last part of the performing act, as her role in the first part was more of a master "puppeteer"and manipulator of the different objects.

The whole scenario sequence was accompanied by live music ... and if the performance was exquisite, so were the musical sound sequences that added to each scene and object the adequate atmosphere of frightful voices ...

" An astonishing performance by the dancer/manipulator.. She breathes life into objects. Uncategorisable, irresistible, monstrous and lyrical" - Le Soir

Concept and Coreography:
Nicole Mossoux

Patrick Bonté and Nicole Mossoux

Nicole Mossoux

Live music:
Thomas Turine

Set design :
Johan Daenen

Collette Huchard

Lighting design:
Patrick Bonté

Stage management:
Mikha Wajnrych

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