Thursday, 27 June 2013

Aviation oriented modules - The 24th and 27th of June 2013

These short Aviation oriented modules allow me to "reconnect" with Aviation English students I hadn't seen for a while, either because they were sent to the Azorean and Madeira islands to work as ATCOS or (those working in closer located  ATC units) rarely attend any other courses at the Training School.

Throughout these "gatherings", particularly during the class breaks it is quite common to remember and talk about "memories" and school episodes of the past, some of which I needn't have been reminded of as they were still vivid in my mind, whilst others wouldn't have easily surfaced had they not been brought into the conversation ...

I  (left). Catarina, Fung, Salomé, I and Rui (right).

Filipe, I and Rita

One thing is sure though ... I did enjoy having been given the chance of being with them again and above all finding out they are doing fine in both their career and personal lives.

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