Friday, 7 July 2017

My 6 Day adventure in Dorset and Belfast - Day 3 (evening) - Belfast - Around the Cathedral area; the Ladykillers at the Lyric Theatre - The 13th of June 2017

All we manage to see from St. Anne's Cathedral, or Belfast Cathedral as it is also known was the outside, once it was closed. We took our time looking at a photography exhibition which could be seen just across the road before heading back to the city centre, more precisely the City Hall area where we decided to catch a bus "home", not before I took a few more photos.

The evening sounded promising - We were going to the Theatre. The Lyric Theatre where The Ladykillers by Graham Lineham would be performed  wasn't too far from our bed and breakfast lodging, so we decided to walk there having stopped at a restaurant for a salad.  

The performance exceeded all my expectations. All of the female actors, (playing the role of many male characters) were incredibly skilled and their performances noteworthy. Stella McCuster who played the role of Mrs. Wilberforce was clearly my favourite actor and her performance second to none. Cheryl Fergison and Jo Donnelly were also among the ones I particularly liked. I was astounded by the stage setting and lighting design. Never had I seen anything similar.

It was the best evening we had both had for a while and one both of us wouldn't mind repeating.

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